Video is a powerful medium. It’s richly engaging and emotionally stirring. However, sometimes there are constraints to video that make it impractical for a project. That’s when animation can step in and do the job that video can’t.

Easily Accessible

Animation is a very visually rich media, often making audiences reminisce of fond memories of childhood cartoons. Animation often allows for clearer communication than video because it can help key points pop for the audience.
It is psychologically appealing, and cuts through the digital noise because it is so visually different from video.

Abstract Communication

The beauty of animation is that it can explain the un-explainable. It can easily capture hard to represent ideas. Animation can make difficult or complex ideas easy to understand. It can improve visual content like infographics or plain text into a more engaging format.

Sky’s the Limit

With animation, there are no constraints on location, equipment, props, actors, sets, etc. Anything imagined can be created often with an easily managed production budget. It offers all the benefits of visual medium with much smaller resource requirements. It is cost effective, easy to manage and easy to update.

Engaging and Fun

Animation can be the best choice because it works on so many levels. It offers an engaging and fun alternative to text content, and is not impeded by traditional constraints of live action video. Animation upgrades static graphics into highly engaging content. Dynamic and versatile, it can elevate your story to a whole new level.

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